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LMS Rebuilt Patriot Class

The LMS Rebuilt Patriot Class 4-6-0s were rebuilt from the original LMS Patriot Class locomotives over the period 1946-1949.

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    BR Rebuilt Merchant Navy Class

    Rebuilt from Oliver V.S. Bulleid's original air-smoothed design, the Merchant Navy class were a firm favourite among crews and spotters alike, often seen racing down the SWML at high speed, and heading famous trains like the Bournemouth Belle and the Atlantic Coast Express!

    BR Class 60 Locomotive

    Nicknamed tugs by rail enthusiasts, the Class 60 is a class of Co-Co heavy freight diesel-electric locomotives built by Brush Traction.

    Welsh Marches Line

    A timeless route through the borderlands of Wales & England, from Newport to Shrewsbury.